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Test your knowledge of world cultures from Andorra to Zimbabwe.

Simple to play, challenging to master, amusing & educational too!

Board game — Passport To CultureŽ Travel the world with your Passport To CultureŽ! The World Culture Game is an international education unto itself and a unique gift appealing to adults and children (10+). From Andorra to Zimbabwe, this fun, educational board game tests your knowledge of world cultures with question and answer cards on every country in the world. Not just for world travelers, Passport To CultureŽ is the board game where players can discover their CQ® (Cultural Intelligence™) with fascinating, fun-filled facts about people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greetings and gestures, or customs and traditions.

More than a family, fun, party, trivia game, Passport To CultureŽ is also utilized by schools and museums and offers an education in diverse topics including: culture, geography, social studies, anthropology, critical thinking, and much more! Passport To CultureŽ board games are available in select outlets including: travel stores, gift shops, educational supply stores, museums, toy and game stores, bookstores, specialty catalogs, and on-line. Discover the fun as you travel on an educational journey around the world. Grab your copy of Passport To CultureŽ today!

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Ages 10 to Adult • 2 to 6 Players / Teams    Click image to enlarge

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Passport to Culture®
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Passport To CultureŽ board games may be ordered direct for
$29.95 + $10.95 shipping & handling. Please note that additional shipping charges apply for locations outside of the continental United States. For more information, please e-mail: info@PassportToCulture.com


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