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H&H Global, Inc. was created in 2003 as a co-collaboration between individuals from the United States and Japan. The company’s purpose is to: “educate people to create a more harmonious world today and in the future”. In addition to providing consulting services within a variety of areas including: business development, project implementation, and sustainability, H&H Global, Inc. also shares expertise in managing cross-cultural issues. A useful tool to further this understanding is with the firm’s Passport to Culture® products, which are the result of world travels, international studies, cultural experiences, extensive research, and input from people of various expertise and nationalities. In the words of Jan Monnet (founding father of the European Union):

“If I were to begin again, I would begin with culture”

This simple yet profound statement emphasizes the importance of cross-cultural understanding in today’s increasingly global world. H&H Global Inc. strives to advance this cultural knowledge in a fun and entertaining way with the Passport to Culture® product line. Along with highlighting similarities and differences, these unique products promote the importance of cross-cultural awareness and understanding as a foundation to enhance communication and acceptance of all people. With thousands of interesting facts that can make a difference in daily life, the knowledge-based content in these games emphasize positive attributes from every independent state in the world! Fundamental information is provided as an introduction to countries that people may be less familiar with such as:

• Which country is entirely surrounded by South Africa?
• What art form in Samoa is traditionally made using shark teeth?
• What are the official languages spoken in Luxembourg?

Greater cultural insight is provided for larger, more populous nations including:

• Why do Japanese remove shoes before entering the home?
• How do Mexicans greet one another?
• In Brazil, what is the meaning of the fig gesture (a fist with the thumb sticking between the index and middle finger)?

The game tests your knowledge of world cultures with fascinating fun-filled questions about people and places, food and drink, world treasures, greetings and gestures, and customs and traditions. Players participate every turn, challenging their CQ® (Cultural Intelligence™) with a one-of-a-kind scoring key. Grab your Passport™... let’s go continent hopping™. Now is the time to open your mind, embrace the world, and reach for the highest level. Become a true Passport to Culture® World Citizen.


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WARNING: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Some colors and parts may vary.