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What is Passport To Culture®?
Passport To Culture® & Passport To Culture® Travel Edition are fun, educational games that highlight cross-cultural awareness, understanding and acceptance. With a desire for discovery, players earn stamps for their passports by traveling the planet and answering fascinating questions about the diverse people and countries of the world.

What are the differences between Passport To Culture® & Passport To Culture® Travel Edition?
The original Passport To Culture® game is a specialty board game with culture cards and in-depth question and answer cards on every country in the world. Its interesting yet challenging content is intended for ages 10 through adult.

Passport To Culture® Travel Edition has even broader appeal with individual country and continent cards for every independent state in the world. Its components fit into a convenient travel pouch, making the game portable and perfect for taking on both domestic and international trips. Depending upon age and world culture experience, there is also a feature that represents less challenging questions. The expansive content in Passport To Culture® Travel Edition is suitable for ages 8 through adult.

Why play Passport To Culture®?
Both entertaining and educational, Passport To Culture® games are the unique products that bring the world to you! It is more than an educational party, trivia, and family fun game. Passport To Culture® is an international learning experience appealing to teachers and students, parents and children, and people from every country in the world. Passport To Culture’s® fascinating questions with multiple choice answers are suitable for novices and experts alike. On your game-playing journey, you will encounter thousands of interesting cultural facts from every country in the world!

Where can I buy Passport To Culture®?
Passport To Culture® is available on-line, in catalogs, and at select specialty shops including: bookstores, museums, educational supply stores, toy and game shops, travel stores, and other fine gift shops. Please visit the Where to Buy section for additional details.

I have interesting cultural information, comments, or suggestions I’d like to share. Who shall I contact?
We love learning new cultural facts and hearing new ideas. Please share them with us by sending an email to: info@PassportToCulture.com. Who knows, maybe your comments will show up in a future edition of Passport To Culture®.

What is CQ®?
CQ® refers to Cultural Intelligence® (or Cultural IQ®). This new domain of multiple intelligence measures cultural aptitude or global smarts. It tells us how culturally intelligent we really are.

How is the CQ® score determined when playing Passport To Culture®?
An easy to read scoring key is provided to quickly view each player’s score when the game ends. CQ® is simply a numerical score based on the percentage of questions answered correctly. It is all in fun and adds a unique feature to the game. Although one player may complete his/ her Passport first, another player may share top honors by achieving the highest CQ® (Cultural Intelligence) score.

How is Passport To Culture® different from other trivia games?
Unlike typical trivia games, Passport To Culture® is a knowledge-based game with useful, educational information that can actually help you better understand people from all cultural backgrounds. With players participating on nearly every turn – the more you play, the more you learn, the closer you get to reaching the highest level and becoming a true Passport To Culture® World Citizen.


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